The Sponsorship Program

The Kenyan government does provide some assistance towards primary and secondary education, however, this is not enough for most families. In order to attend school children need school uniform, bags, books, shoes, stationery and money for tuition as well as exam fees and school activities.

A number of the families living within our community are unable to raise this money themselves as many are casual labourers and often find themselves without a job and even without food. This results in children dropping out of school and taking to the streets in search of money, food and something to do.


How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

A sponsor can choose the sponsorship program most suitable for them; this largely depends on the child’s level of education. With less than 1euro per day, you can change a child’s life.

  • Nursery students – 20euro/month
  • Primary students – 20euro/month
  • Secondary students – 30euro/month


How are guardianship funds spent?

  • School tuition and public exam fees – we make sure that our children can complete their schooling right through, primary, secondary, vocational training and even university.
  • Overcoming barriers to learning – we do whatever we can to ensure that our kids can attend school and fully benefit from it by providing uniforms, shoes, books, school bags, stationery, decent nutrition and hygiene essentials.
  • Supporting care givers – Most of our kids are living with a grandma, an aunt, a single parent or even a kind neighbour who has taken them in. Caregivers often struggle to make a living whilst caring for the children. We help with practical things like food, medical needs and advice.

Any surpluses of funds are used to help the rest of the community in which the child lives. This includes the support of a feeding and care program which helps a broader group of individuals and the provision of food packs.


How do sponsors make their contribution?

Once you have been assigned a child, sponsorship funds may be transferred into the Sponsor My Future bank account monthly or annually.

These funds are transferred directly to the congregation in Kenya who ensure that your child is being educated and cared for up to the desired standard.

How long does the sponsorship last?

Sponsorship may last until the child reaches 18 or finishes his/her education or vocational training.

Our objective is that the child will be better equipped to find employment on reaching adulthood and will be able to care for his/herself independently.

There is no obligation to sponsor the child for the entirety of his/her education, as the sponsorship scheme works on a yearly basis. Sponsorship may also terminate if the child relocated from Ruiru.


Communication between you and your child.

Once a year (at around Christmas time) sponsors will have a chance to write a letter to their child. These letters will be collected by the charity and sent in a package to the congregation in Kenya, who will ensure that they reach their respective children.

Sponsors will also receive letters from their children twice a year, usually at Christmas and Easter time. If at any point volunteers are visiting Ruiru, then sponsors will be notified and will be able to send letters and packages with them to be passed on to the children. Useful gifts are things such as clothes, shoes, underwear, stationery and small toys which are hugely appreciated by the kids!