About the Project

Where is the project based?

Our project is based in Ruiru, Kenya which is approximately 25km away from the capital city of Nairobi. It is a densely populated and semi-industrial area, with people coming from other parts of the country in search of job opportunities. Most people live in single rented rooms with their families, often in substandard conditions due to poor maintenance, lack of electricity, water and drainage systems. This leads to a highly unhygienic and polluted environment causing a rise in diseases, deaths, and parentless children.


Who handles the operation of the project?

Sponsor My Future operates through a missionary project which was originally set up by the international Catholic Congregation of The Daughters of the Sacred Heart, founded in Malta in 1903. Their mission involves promotion of human dignity through charity in various countries including Kenya. 

Sister Mary is currently in charge of operations team in Ruiru and collaborates with parents, guardians, healthcare providers, school principles and teachers to ensure that all children are being cared for up to the desired standard.